YIQ Blog: What Makes a Good Insurance Agent?

Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Your Insurance Question Blog

On these blogs, over the last few days, we’ve been talking a lot about the pitfalls in finding a good insurance agent and about the role of the insurance agent. We’ve focused a little on the potential negatives, even though there a are lots of good insurance agents out there.

So after focusing on the negative, lets look at the positive angle. What makes a good insurance agent? Many good insurance agents will approach insurance conversations differently, but they will all strive to achieve the same things. Here’s our breakdown of the characteristics of a good insurance agent.


Need Over Risk

The first thing you notice when dealing with a good insurance agent is that they will be more interested in your business as a whole, than your insurance policies. A good insurance agent will be looking to identify your company’s needs first, and then they build the risk assessment out of that. Identifying gaps in your cover is key for insurance, the best way to identify these is by talking about how your business operates and your business needs.


Good Insurance Agents Take a Long Term Approach

Long-term relationships are vital in insurance. Constant change of provider can help bring down your premiums but unless you build a good relationship, with a good insurance agent, you can’t guarantee you will always have the best cover. A good insurance agent will get to know your needs and be able to assess your risk on an ongoing basis, ensuring they don’t leave a gap in cover.


Good Relationships are built on Communication

Communication is a vital element in any relationship and a good insurance agent will be a great communicator. Insurance is never just about picking a policy, paying a premium and then hoping you don’t have to think about it again. Regular communication with a good insurance agent, which they will encourage, will allow you to stay on top of your risks.

A good insurance agent will look at your needs, in the long term and maintain regular communication. They will use these characteristics to ensure you get the best cover and stay in control of your business risks, all you have to do is find a good insurance agent.


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